The it support process is designed to aid and assist users of it Department ManagerTM , College AdministratorTM, Research Administrator TM, and Effort AdministratorTM products. Support is provided to clients that have an active maintenance contract with it. Support is provided by it support and technical staff to a designated liaison(s) on the client’s staff.

Technical issues are defined as those where the it software does not appear to be functioning as expected by the client. An it product specialist or project manager is assigned based on type and complexity of the issue or problem reported. The person assigned maintains close coordination and communication with the client to provide timely status and to obtain additional information required for resolution.

Our goal is to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, on the first call if possible. Situations in which a client’s installation is completely down or inoperable are considered highest priority and are given immediate attention. Otherwise support calls are given a first come, first serve priority. The next section highlights our levels of service.

it uses the following guidelines to prioritize customer requests and strives to begin working on the reported issue or problem within the target timeframe. Actual response times may be shorter or longer depending on the volume of requests at any one time.

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it makes every effort to resolve issues at the time of the service call by using remote access tools. These tools allow our specialist or project manager to access the caller’s desktop remotely for the purpose of expediting the resolution of the call. The caller can view the activity on their local monitor as it occurs. Permission will be requested before accessing the machine remotely.

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