Hardware Training

This course develops student’s technology skills required for troubleshooting computer software and hardware problems. Students will learn software and hardware troubleshooting techniques used to identify and correct computer problems.
  • Identify modules that make up a computer system and its operation
  • Understand that a computer requires both hardware and software to work.
  • Describe the different hardware components inside of and connected to a computer.
  • Describe the different hardware components inside of and connected to a computer. Identify each type of computer bus structure
  • Learn about the many different processors used for personal computers and notebookcomputers

  • Assemble/setup microcomputer systems, accessory boards
  • Learn about the different types of motherboards and how to select one ITSC 1325 _ 030608 2 of 5
  • Install or replace a motherboard
  • Troubleshoot problems with memory

  • Learn how printers and scanners work
  • Install printers and scanners and how to share a printer over a local area network.
  • Troubleshoot printer and scanner problems.
  • Solve hard drive problems

  • Understand how to approach and solve a PC problem.
  • Troubleshoot a failed boot before the OS is loaded.
  • Describe the general approaches you need to take when installing and supporting I/O devices
  • diagnose and isolate faulty components

  • Students will submit computer programs for each learning module of the course. Each program must demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the learning module represented.
  • Students will assemble a portfolio of lab/labsim projects to be submitted at the end of the semester.
  • Students will conduct an interactive presentation of a comprehensive hardware trouble-shooting project subject to peer and instructor evaluation.

  • A calendar displaying assignments each week (please check often)
  • Online assignments
  • Chapter notes
  • Email (totally contained within WebCT)


  • Assignments
  • Live Project
  • Full year access to Learning Center
  • 24x7 Support
  • Weekly Reviews
  • Certification
  • Job Guarantee
  • Group discussions


  • Practically anyone who wants to learn web technologies.
  • Graduates: BE, ME, MCA, MCM, BBA, BCA, BCS, BSc(Comp).
  • Working professionals: Graduates working in BPOs and want to get into IT industry